Thursday, November 20, 2008

Hidden World Revealed

Wild Plants and Wooly Bears

Yesterday, the completed manuscript of my new book, Hidden World Revealed, went to the printer. Soon, I’ll have in hand a compilation of several years worth of notes, ideas, feelings and observations. I didn’t realize until now that the book actually represents many days of my life. Proofreading the manuscript brought to mind times and feelings, some happy and some melancholy.

Hidden World gives me a glimpse into myself. Without knowing it, the essays and accounts therein allow me to look at my life, my particular station in life and even my special niche in the world. Instant recall, that’s what I get when reading any of the essays. And believe it or not, the printed word can elicit clearer, more precise memories than even a photograph or recording.

A form of diary, Hidden World Revealed, follows changes through the seasons. It chronicles plant and animal behavior and also, human behavior. After all, we are all part of nature, like it or not.

Hopefully, my book will encourage others to partake of nature, or at least to become more aware of the natural world. I enjoyed living it, writing it and now I enjoy reading it. It was a great honor for me that Nancy Randolph, of Just Write Books, agreed to publish and promote my contribution. I hope everyone else likes Hidden World as much as I do.

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