Monday, January 19, 2009

Maine Gets No Respect

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Maine gets no respect from the national news media. Case in point, consider The Weather Channel’s total disregard of the Pine Tree State. Here’s a typical example.

The Weather Channel television guy gives the national weather update. We see a storm coming in from the pacific, and hear of 70-degree weather in California. The camera pans the national map, while the reporter describes conditions in the west, midwest and the south. Then we come to New England.

“Cold returns to the northeast tonight, and Bostonians should expect temps in the teens.” The guy blabs on about Boston weather and ends his report, having made no mention of Maine. In fact, Maine is not even indicated on the map. By this time, I’m jumping up and down, hollering at the tube.

Another example occurred on the Yahoo! Online weather report for Monday, January 19. This included news items regarding the bitter cold that hit the northeast over the weekend. The big news was a minus-30 degree reading in New Hampshire. However, not a word was mentioned about the record-setting minus-50 degree reading in Northern Maine. Where in the United States, barring Alaska, has it gotten to –50 lately? Nowhere. But, apparently, Maine doesn’t count.

An ex-patriot Mainer, living in Florida, often sends me e-mails, asking how cold it was here. She has no other way of obtaining that information, since the news media totally ignores the State of Maine.

Readers might construe this post as tongue-in-cheek. It is not meant that way. I really resent the total lack of coverage for Maine. It’s unconscionable.

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