Friday, March 30, 2012

March Goes Out Like A Lion

Hope deferred makes the heart sad, so goes the proverb. And in the case of spring, 2012, hope was deferred and it has made my heart sad.

Specifically, my trout pond had thawed nearly two weeks ago. Ice-free, no trace of winter. Snow and ice had become so “last year.”

But news of cold temperatures and an impending snowstorm brought all happy spring hopes to an end.

Thinking on my feet, I decided to take the tarp, which I had used to cover my boat for the winter (I had already un-winterized the boat, a bad idea) and place it over my crocus bed. This trick worked once before. If crocuses get covered with snow, they turn into something like wet crepe paper. But covered, they can weather the storm, literally.

So today, Friday, March 30, my crocus bed remains covered because it is far too cold to remove the cover. Contrast that with a little over one week ago, when temperatures soared to the low 80s.

Now back to my trout pond. The pond re-froze and is once again completely covered with ice. And of all things, the hatchery truck is due to arrive this afternoon to deliver this season’s batch of trout. I had to take an ice chisel and open up a hole in order to accommodate an introduction of fish.

I know this won’t last forever, but taken as a whole, it sure has a dampening effect upon my spirits. It all goes to show how closely we are tied to the climate, the weather and the seasons.

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