Saturday, February 9, 2013

Gun Control

Regarding my last blog, Angela wrote: Hi Tom, This was a really interesting piece-thanks for all of the info. It’s nice to get the other side of the story to balance things out. Although I don’t disagree with what you mentioned regarding gun control, it would be great if more gun owners stood up in favor of reasonable gun control. I’m assuming that you don’t feel that there shouldn't be any restrictions? What would you support?

Well, Angela, I do support strict enforcement of existing gun laws. Most certainly, I support greater oversight regarding mentally-ill persons owning or having access to firearms. And in a household where a mentally-ill person lives, I would support measures mandating that anyone else living in that place who owns guns take strict measures to keep guns from the hands of the mentally-disabled individual.

Not to compare people to animals, but I see a connection between those who give disturbed people access to guns and people who keep vicious dogs. Both are responsible for crimes committed, either by with the gun or by the dog. 

If the young man who committed the atrocities in Sandy Hook had been kept away from guns, he still may have done something horrible and probably would have…but it wouldn't have been with guns.

I’d also like to see longer and harsher sentences for those who commit crimes with firearms. With such a great number of repeat offenders, it seems that something has gone awry there. My feeling is if you break into a business or residence and brandish a firearm, you should get the maximum penalty if found guilty, automatically.

The typical slap-on-the-wrist punishment for such offenders does not work. Let’s put teeth into our sentencing.

That’s where I stand. Thanks for asking, Angela. I appreciate you taking time to comment.

Oh, by the way, I mentioned George Smith as being involved with Sportsman's Alliance of Maine (SAM). He has left SAM, but continues as a powerful political mover and has considerable influence Augusta. Also, George writes a blog and his blog highlights lots of upcoming legislation and also, talks about laws that have already come to pass. My mentioning his association with SAM was something of a senior moment. I admit, I was perturbed over the news article about banning smoke from wood-burning stoves. I still am, in fact. With a blizzard raging outside, it's unsettling to think that there are people out there who would ban my woodstove. 



  1. I appreciate the response.


  2. I appreciate the response.


    p.s. I'm started to be paranoid about my status as a human--passing the robot test is not easy!

  3. We would not ban you burning wood in your woodstove. We envy you, saving money and working hard in your woods cutting, spliting and stacking it. Hard work. And for the record. We love the smell. We think it is a joke people complaining. Give me a break!!!!
    A renewable resource......go for it Tom, keep the warm fire burning.