Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Tom's 2015 Seminar Schedule

With bi-weekly snowstorms and nighttime temperatures hovering around zero, it’s difficult to imagine that the foraging season is nearly upon us. But people who organize season schedules for organizations already have most of their slots filled. Accordingly, I am slated to give presentations at several different locations around the state.

Here, below, is my schedule of events as it stands now, March 4, 2015. I do have a few other events scheduled, but these are mostly for private groups and participant lists are already filled. What you see here are all open to the public and if you would like to attend, just contact the organizations listed.

I’ll update and revise the list as the season progresses. Here, then, is my 2015 schedule thus far:

Presentation for Old Bristol Garden Club at the 2nd Congregational Church in Newcastle on April 9. Meeting begins at 1:30PM and the presentation runs from 1:50PM to 2:30PM. The public is invited to all meetings and there is no fee.
Merryspring Nature Center, Camden, lecture and walk, April 16, 10 – 12 a.m.

MSAD 20 Adult Ed class held at Union Elementary School, May 9, 10 a.m.
Eagle Hill Institute, 59 Eagle Hill Road, P.O. Box 9, Stuben, ME 04680. (207) 546-2821, Participants welcome. Visit website or call. My seminar is for Saturday and Sunday, May 30 and 31, with a get-acquainted time on Friday night. This is a stay-over session. Eagle Hill has lodging, food, etc. The topic is springtime foraging for wild edibles.

Deer Isle Hostel, begin 9:30 a.m., June 20. More info to follow. Indoor presentation followed by field trip.

Islesboro Land Trust Plant Walk, July 11. More info to follow.

Eagle Hill Institute, same contact info as above. September 12 and 13, course title: Making Medicine from Wild Plants.


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