Sunday, July 10, 2016

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Wild Plants And Wooly Bears

Upcoming Seminar in Moosehead Lake Region

My trips to Holbrook Island in Brooksville were met with great success. Both times we experienced excellent turnout. And even better, participants were each and every one very keen on learning more about the useful wild plants that grow all around us.

Park Supervisor Charles Cannon says that he might like for me to do another field trip in September. I'll keep readers posted as (and if) this unfolds. 

I do have several upcoming field trips, but these are for a private business. However, I just firmed up a two-day event in Greenville for Northern Resource Education Center. Friday, September 16th I’ll present a Digital presentation on edible wild plants and a short presentation on some common mushrooms.

Then on Saturday, September 17, I’ll lead the group on a field trip around the Greenville area. The exact details are still in the making, but interested persons may contact Mildred Kennedy-Stirling at for more information.

So if you live in that region or simply would like to experience the Moosehead Region, here’s a chance to see it up-close and personal.

I’ve had loads of fun lately with people sending me plant photos so that I can identify the plant for them. This is kind of a botanical version of Click ‘N Clack’s “Stump the Chump.” Thus far, I’ve been successful. Most of that, however, stems from the excellent photographs people sent.

If you have a mystery plant to identify, feel free to send me a digital image. Remember, though, these images need to be crisp and clear, with good detail. It also helps to send several images shot at different angles.

So try your hand at “stump the plant chump” and I’ll do my best to ID the plant.

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